Critical Signs of Stress in Dogs 

critical signs of stress in dogs

Stress. What stress?! When it comes to our day-to-day, people are pretty accustomed to being stressed out, even if just a little bit. When it comes to our fur babies and four-legged best friends, though, we don’t want stress to even be a part of their vocabulary. The goal is that they have everything they […]

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Keeping it Pawsitive: How to Prevent Dog Anxiety  

dog anxiety

Dog Anxiety Think about that anxious feeling you get when meeting someone for the first time. You want to look just right, not a hair out place, no wrinkles on your shirt. How anxious were you the first day you dropped your kids at school? They bubbled with excitement, and you plastered a smile on […]

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Seven Common Canine Digestive Issues

We never like to see our best friend down and out with an upset stomach. It’s even worse when it’s our four-legged friend that can’t tell us they don’t feel well, but are showing the classic signs: lack of appetite, not drinking enough water, acting depressed, increased fatigue, licking their lips or biting or gulping […]

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Be Proactive When It Comes to Canine Acid Reflux

Many of us have experienced heartburn. Perhaps after overindulging at a family holiday potluck or eating way too many of Aunt Janet’s famous spicy meatballs. You are experiencing acid reflux, and, often, your next step might be reaching for the antacids.  Fortunately, we can identify and treat our own discomfort. However, our four-legged canine friends […]

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Animal Enthusiast is Grateful for Products that Brought Happiness back to her Canine Companion

An avid animal lover who owns horses, dogs and cats, Maddy Byrd has a special bond with her 12-year-old yellow lab, Chevy. She claims he was there during some of her gloomiest days – losing her horse and – and during stressful times – operating a fulltime pet setting business. And now she is determined […]

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