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My Dog is Eating Grass! Vitalize® Can Help 

my dog is eating grass

My Dog Is Eating Grass We all know (all too well, in fact) the struggle of pulling something your pup shouldn’t be eating out of their mouth. The practically Olympic-level feat is exhausting and frequently in vain! No dog owner wants to do it more than absolutely necessary. Naturally, the Vitalize Team deeply relates to […]

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Why is My Dog Eating Grass? 

why is my dog eating grass

Our pets have some peculiar habits. It would be nice if they could tell us exactly why they do what they are doing. However, there are definitely times when we don’t want to hear what that judgmental chihuahua has to say to us.   One practice we don’t want our dogs to get into the habit […]

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Critical Signs of Stress in Dogs 

critical signs of stress in dogs

Stress. What stress?! When it comes to our day-to-day, people are pretty accustomed to being stressed out, even if just a little bit. When it comes to our fur babies and four-legged best friends, though, we don’t want stress to even be a part of their vocabulary. The goal is that they have everything they […]

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