Trick or Treat: Choose your Dog’s Supplement Wisely

Man’s best friend deserves only the best care. As humans, you don’t skimp on your daily supplements, so you probably don’t want to skimp on your dogs’ either. But how do you choose? Walk through any pet store or down the pet aisles at any retailer and you are bombarded with a plethora of options for caring for your four-legged fur baby.  

How can you choose your dog’s supplement wisely? Do they need vitamins and minerals? Do they need a joint supplement? A gut health supplement? And, with so many options, how do you ensure what you purchase is a quality product? 

According to the American Kennel Club, ”Your dog gets his vitamins from dog food. Commercial dog food diets labeled ‘complete and balanced’ are specially formulated to contain all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your dog needs.” However, there are times that your dog requires a nutritional supplement, especially if they require additional nutrients, such as breeding or performance dogs. And of course, there are dogs of all types and ages that benefit greatly from a joint supplement or a gut health supplement. 

Once you have determined what your dog needs, you will likely have many brands to choose from. The pet supplement market has exploded in recent years. In response, the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) was developed to help consumers make informed decisions. The NASC works “to promote the health and wellbeing of companion animals and horses that are given animal health supplements by their owners, and to protect and enhance the animal health supplement industry.”  

Companies that are members of the NASC have gone through rigorous quality assurance audits, meaning they deliver you the absolute highest-quality products available on the market.  

BioZyme® is proud to be an approved member of the NASC and provide superior supplements for dogs under the Vitalize® brand. Don’t be “tricked” into trying every one of the numerous supplements you see in the pet store or on the retailers’ shelves. All you need to give your best friend the #goodgutfeeling her or she deserves is a “treat” from Vitalize. Our product line includes the following: 

Vitalize® Dog – A vitamin and mineral supplement specially designed to provide additional nutrients and digestive support for breeding and performance dogs. 

Vitalize® Alimend® K9 – A product that supports gastric health and GI tissue in dogs and may relieve occasional gastric issues. 

Vitalize® Dog Gel – A prebiotic and nutrient-rich gel that gives immediate support to the dog’s digestive and immune system. 

Don’t be “tricked” into trying an ordinary dog supplement. Your dog will get the #goodgutfeeling it deserves with a “treat” from Vitalize. To learn more about the Vitalize products or to find how where to purchase them, visit

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