Safety Tips for your Hunting Dog this Season

Seasons are changing and leaves are falling, which means one thing for those who love the outdoors. It’s hunting time! No matter what kind of hunting you’ll be doing this year, be sure to take these safety tips for your canine companion into consideration before hitting the road.  

  1. Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention  

Be sure your animals are current on their vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian in your area. Certain areas require more prevention, so make sure your dog is covered. Additionally, fleas and ticks can survive extreme temperatures and are still a risk for your animal throughout fall and winter so keep up with their prevention as directed by your vet. 

  1. Identification & Apparel 

Tag and microchip your animal properly, in the case that your animal is separated from you in the midst of a hunt. Additionally, it is important to dress your dog in a bright, orange vest and reflecting collar so he is not mistaken for game. Consider a breakaway collar, too, in the instance that your dog gets caught on branches or on a water hazard.  

  1. First Aid Kit 

You never know what could happen while out on the hunt so be sure you have a first aid kit available, not only for you but also for your animal’s safety. We recommend stocking your first aid kit with bandages of assorted sizes, antiseptic, antibiotic ointment, tweezers and scissors. 

  1. Traveling Tips 

When traveling to and from the hunt, transport your dog in a safe, secure kennel. Kennels allow your dog to feel a sense of security, which can reduce stress, and is much safer than traveling in the truck bed or loose in the cab of a vehicle.  

  1. Hypothermia  

Dogs that will get cold and wet during the hunt, particularly waterfowlers, are at risk for hypothermia. Be sure you can provide dry, warm conditions afterward.  

  1. Heat Exhaustion  

Alternatively, some hard-working hunting dogs will not warn you if they have had too much work and will simply push through to exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is especially vital to monitor and know when it’s time to call it quits.  

  1. Recovery  

Help your pet recover after the hunt with water, food, rest, a warm environment and Vitalize® Dog Gel. Dog Gel contains the right balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants as well as MOS and Amaferm® for maximum support of immunity and stress recovery. The gel supports the gut and overall wellbeing during challenges such as high-performance hunting or after the stress of traveling that can end up in digestive upset or diarrhea. 

Hunting season is a great time for you, your friends and your hunting dogs to enjoy a sport in the great outdoors, get some fresh air, and enjoy going after your next meal or getting an awesome mount. Just remember, with hunting your dog is exerting more energy than it might be used to in its normal daily routine, so treat it with care. Follow these seven tips to keep your hunting helper safe and healthy this season. 

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