New Gel, Same Great Result for Canine Companions

Taking care of “man’s best friend” is serious business. At BioZyme® Inc., makers of Vitalize®, we want to help you take care of your best friend, just like we want to take care of ours. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve our products and are excited to announce our improved Vitalize® Dog Recovery Gel.

The Vitalize Dog Recovery Gel has the same ingredient profile as the former Recovery Paste, with the addition of a natural peanut butter flavor for color and palatability. However, the new water-based gel formula has an improved consistency, is easier to administer than the previous paste and has increased palatability.

The water-based gel should glide out the tube with more ease than the paste, and it is designed to withstand temperature up to 212-degrees Fahrenheit.

The Vitalize Dog Recovery Gel contains Amaferm®, a precision-based prebiotic that is research-proven to support gut health and efficiency as well as maintain feed and water intake. The Recovery Gel also contains MOS to help normalize gut microbes and support the immune system. The gel comes in a 15 mL tube.

It is best to use the Recovery Gel anytime your dog is performing if it is a show, race or hunting dog; before and after antibiotic treatment, worming or surgery, during sickness, vomiting or diarrhea.

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